Optical Fiber Concrete Luminous Brick

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Product name: Fiber Optic Luminous Brick

After-sale Service:Free spare parts

Size:customize, 30*30CM,30*90CM

Application:multi place, Hotel

Design Style:Contemporary

Type:Luminous bricks


Material:concrete and PMMA fiber optic

Usage:Display Decoration

IP Rating:IP68


Product Description
PMMA fiber optic for decorative light-transmitting translucent concrete brick block.Translucent concrete (also: light-transmitting concrete) is a concrete based building material with light-transmissive properties
due to embedded light optical elements – usually optical fibers. Light is conducted through the stone from one end to the other.
Therefore, the fibers have to go through the whole object. This results in a certain light pattern on the other surface, depending
on the fiber structure. Shadows cast onto one side appear as silhouettSeveral ways of producing translucent concrete exist. All
are based on a fine grain concrete (ca. 95%) and only 5% light conducting elements that are added during casting process. After
setting, the concrete is cut to plates or stones with standard machinery for cutting stone materials.Translucent concrete is used
in fine architecture as a façade material and for cladding of interior walls. Light-transmitting concrete has also been applied to
various design products.
Working with natural light it has to be ensured that enough light is available. Wall mounting systems need to be equipped with
some form of lighting, designed to achieve uniform illumination on the full plate surface. Usually mounting systems similar to
natural stone panels are used – e.g., LUCEM uses perforated mounting with visible screws, undercut anchors with agraffes or façade
Transparent rate:
30% etc,according to the application environments.
Rupture strength:
regular or distributed.
60% concrete 40% PMMA POF.

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